2000 + Uses for WD-40

Did you know that there are over 2,000 Uses for WD-40?!

WD-40 is pretty well known for its Lubrication, Squeak Stopping, and Rust Preventative properties, but there  MANY additional uses that you may not be as familiar with!

Here are a few of our Favorites: 

  • Stain Remover – Removes Crayon, Ink, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Kool-Aid, Grape Juice, Paint and More from Carpets, walls, Clothing & More! 
  • Excellent for Removing Gum
  • Cleans and Shines in the Kitchen & Bathroom!
    • Removes Gunk when Replacing your Faucet
    • Camouflages Scratches in Cultured Marble
    • Helps Clean Showers
    • Cleans Lime Stains from Toilet Bowls
    • Removes Grime from Grout on Bathroom and Kitchen Floors
    • Removes Fingerprints from Mirrors and Windows
    • Unclogs Shower Heads
    • Removes Grease Splatter and Cooked on Food From Kitchen Appliances
    • Stops Squeaks on Bathtub Knobs
    • Cleans and Shines Stainless Steel
  • Other Neat Uses:
    • Spray around bottom of garbage cans to prevent animals from getting in
    • Spray lightly over stagnant water to keep mosquito eggs from hatching
    • Spray on balcony to keep pigeons away (they hate the smell!)
    • Displaces Moisture from Submerged Cell Phones
    • Cleans Clogged Ink Jet Nozzl
    • Helps Shovel Wet Sticky Snow
    • Removes Permanent Marker from Dry Erase Boards
    • Stop Squeaks caused by new leather work boots
    • Removes Stiffness from dried out leather gloves
    • Great Adhesive Remover to get old labels off or remove decals
    • Keeps Paint from Sticking to Paint Brushes
    • Spray on your Satellite TV Dish to prevent snow and Ice build up that can interrupt your signal
    • Removes Dead Insects from your car and windshield
    • Removes Scuff Marks from the Rubber Edges of Tennis Shoes

And Just for Fun – Here are a couple of Funny (although real) uses that are on the list too! 

  • Cleans Gum from Chicken Feathers
  • Eases Removal of Solidified Spitballs
  • Lubricates hinges on a Skunk Racing Box
  • Lubricates Fingers Stuck in Hole!
  • Spray on Twister Game for More Fun!

All these and the complete list of 2000+ Uses can be found by visiting www.wd40.com